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Thursday, 9 June 2011

A design that is slowly coming together....

Portfolio is just around the corner and my design is no where near complete or finialised!!! Is that normal?? I seem to never stop working. Computer portfolio is done and dusted, very chuffed about my 3d annimation. The project was a very intersting process and am looking forward to experimenting more with 3d max... its still abit challenging ;)

Thought id share some of my sketchup views of my design space for the Oceanarium that i have been designing. The design is no where near complete, but at least this is a start, i do apologise for the ruff 3d pictures, but the second semester the real thing will be presented to you all :)

The front entrance into the center. The name of the new Oceanarium and retail facility is O.C.E.A.N - Observing, Caring, Educational, Aquarium, Niche.

                                        Information and ticket office as one enters the main door
                       Access gates into the facility. Roof design plays with the different light intensities.

                                             Cocktail Lounge area with a lovely ocean view
                                                           Bar area in the cocktail lounge
This is a small section of the dive store. It has a lounge, open class room to the beach, and one can dive straight into the main dolphin pool from the landing :)

Font entrance to the restaurant. This area looks onto the main dolphin lake and the back of the restaurant looks onto the beach front

                                                        Part of the interior of the resturant.
                                      Health Spa interior. Foot and nail section with side displays
Spa reception- made from natural river rocks with frosted glazing,  LED lighting and white high gloss MDF
                                               Side displays and center nail and foot areas
                         Interior of the staff open plan office. Hotting desking is used in this office
                                                   Kitchen  and lounge area in the office
Well thats where the design is at the moment, still lot to progress on, but at least its a good start. Happy designing all :)