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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

mid-week madness

Wow its been a crazy week already! From handing in all my as built drawings of my building site, needless to say the lovely 7021 square meter site which took me almost two days to measure up,  to spatial planning for my design, to furniture layouts and now to still stretch the mind and body to create visual 3d's! Its still going to be a ruff week and week-end ahead.

My design thesis is if i must say coming together nicely :) Im finally geting through all the nitty gritty bits and actually begining to think and design each space, exciting times ahead!! Each space really does require alot of thought and detail as im not only accomodating humans, but live marine mammals. I love going to site as it feeds my mind on all the possibilities that i could design. It also is sadening as this facility desperately needs alot of help and huge amounts of funding. The staff at the Oceanarium are fantastic people and really try their hardest to look after and conserve the marine life in our bay.

On a sader note, the Oceanarium is closing their doors on the 31 March 2011, as this facility needs to be revamped, therefore all the marine mammals are going to be relocated to a better home, but only on a  breeding program basis. Im really hoping this facility will be granted the funds that need to redevelop it and make it an icon for our bay. The much loved animals need to be brought back home as they are a  huge part of Port Elizabeths tourist and local attractions. Our city also needs a center like Bayworld with caring staff to help conserve our marine life in and outside the bay.

All are welcome to head over there on the week-end, the ticket prices have been discounted, so please go for old times sake and help fund the moving of the animals.

Keep on designing all you peeps and help do your bit :)

Monday, 7 March 2011

Nemo 33- the world's deepest indoor pool

The new week as begun in full force. Im feeling alot better since my operation, but now its time to start designing a name and logo for my thesis!! To clear my mind and to inspire myself i came across an intersting article.... where leisure and creative design form one.
 Nemo 33 is located in Brussels in Belgium and is 33m deep indoor pool. This is the deepest indoor pool in the world!! It was constructed back in 2004 by an engineer, and diving expert, John Beernaerts. This pool is filled with filtered unchlorinated spring water. The pool contains 2,500,000 liters of water, and consists of simulated caves, several platforms and a 33m deep cylindrical pit.

This depth is deeper than you are allowed to go on a standard SCUBA diving license. The pool stays at a constant temperature of 30 degrees which allows perfect conditions all year round, especially in Belgium.

This pool is unique as divers that want to gain their diving qualifications can qualify  in their open waters and advanced open water all in one location. What is also unique about Nemo 33, is that it is built round or in a complex, therefore divers and patrons can relax during their surface intervals at the bar or restaurant, one can them come back and complete ones deep dive. For most divers this is a big plus! Take a look at this beautiful facility:

The surface of the pool

Nemo 33 - The pit and caves

Happy week all and happy designing :) 

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Port Elizabeth's Oceanarium

The Oceanarium is a place where many adults and children spend their leisure time relaxing on hot sunny days, enthrilled by the variuos animal sounds and movements. This is a place not only for entertainment, but also for animal awarness and rehabilitation. The major question is "what has become of Port Elizabeth's Oceanarium"??

As a animal lover and a diver with a great passion for design, iv chosen this site as my Btech thesis. Not only have i chosen this site for the love of animals, but also to challenge myself as a designer. One has to remember that working with animals in a man-made envirmonet is challanging, as the animals enclosures must be to their benificial as well as creating a space that encourages patrons to use this facility on an ongoing basis.